Glasses clink

in my memory

from a time when

restaurant tables

didn't leave enough

room for 


- dine in


I haven’t talked to a person in person for 30 days

So that casual zoom could have gone one of two ways. 

The first is I look calm, relaxed and collected. 

Zen comes to mind, no stress is detected. 


Or the caller saw the cracks, the teeth accidentally gone unbrushed

Skin starting to dull, canceled trips leaving me crushed. 

My energy slightly restless, snacks piled on the table nearby

The uncertainty showing up in a spontaneous urge to just...cry? 


So I don’t know, if i know, how to talk to a person.

In person.


-face time


Even with all the noise,

It was the quietest my street had ever been. 

Sirens, mainly, filled the air

Filled our thoughts with fear and grim. 


There are definitely more now, 

Certainly than there used to be.

Their piercing cries, cut  through the silent streets

With frightening frequency. 


We hide away, to fight, to help. 

Hiding our fears even deeper from kin.

Knowing we have to be strong for them

Knowing what we have to lose some, to win


And then when it feels like the change is too much,

That the world would be better, outside that door. 

There comes a new call from deep in the streets, 

A call followed by at least two dozen more. 


Hands clapping, voices yelling,

Spirits calling out

Sending love to those who fight

Even through the crippling doubt


Even through uncertain times,

likes we have never seen, 

It’s happening now, though now it’s hard to

Fathom what this means 


So through window screens we send our cheers

Apart but collective in turning the tide

Knowing that our only weapon, 

Is to fight the enemy, together, from inside.


Now that the line is off the hook, I’m standing with my face awry

More than just a little shook. I laughed it off, but now I cry. The problem is, my brain went bye. And though I seem socially astute. The truth is I’m socially deprived. And I left my zoom on while I pooped. 

-work call


My invisalign

is almost finished, but now

my teeth are covered

- mask on