• Brittany Jones-Cooper

Poetry explained

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

I think poetry should be interpreted by the reader...but I also wanted to give some context behind some of the less obvious poems.

corona catcall

About two weeks after the social distancing order was issued, I started to hear a cat every night outside. The news mentioned that officials expected to find people who died alone in their homes, and I thought this was one of the most morbid things I had ever heard. Because of the time frame, I imagined that the cat belonged to a person who died in their apartment due to Covid 19. Dark times.

street dancer

I saw a woman outside my window. She was high on heroin, swaying and dancing. She didn't have a mask or gloves. She wasn't following the rules....and I found myself envious of her freedom.

work call

Inspired by that viral video of the woman who took her zoom call into the bathroom. I did not do this...yet.


I moved to Harlem because of the art that was created here during the Harlem Renaissance.

Recently I took the tone of my apartment and it registered B flat. A lot of jazz is written in b essentially Harlem is Jazz. It felt like encouragement to keep creating.


Every night, at 7pm, New Yorkers applaud the medical professionals as they change shifts. It's a daily reminder of why we are social distancing, and something I look forward to.

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