No justice, means no peace

Call in more police

Our movement will not cease

I own my freedom, no lease


Mass action means we hit the street

Hearts thumping to a rapid beat

Mask on, fist up, we face the heat

For those we lost on the concrete 


It’s a protest, not a riot

Voices rise, no longer quiet


It’s a protest, not a riot

Judge our anger. But stop us? 


Try it.

- we're here


We kneel, because they kneel on our neck

Anger meets fear, our nerves are a wreck

Can’t watch the news, though I try to be tough

But I keep telling y’all, I’m not strong enough...










Over and over, it’s too much to see


Like the season of show we never asked for

and they refuse to cancel


- black in america


Somehow going inside, let more hatred out

Like a silver tea kettle with a down turned spout

Restless inside, but afraid of my door

Entering the so much more. 


It means not jogging, because I might get shot,

and the guys who did it, might not get caught


It means not asking Amy to read the sign,

cause the only life lost, could be mine


And if I get stopped and visibly comply,

millions might watch the final moments before I die


The thought of going outside, makes me want to stay in,

The pain, is it worth it? Can we even win?


Anger inside, burning like a flame

So for George, I’ll go out


...and say his name.


- for them


Get off my neck

Is that the final call to get all hands on deck?


I mean what does it take, or maybe it’s who?

Do you even care, if it’s not you?


Somehow you find reasons in what they did

That he looked like a grown man, not a kid


That his hoodie was up, and his gaze was down

That he shouldn’t be running in that part of town


That he talked back or didn’t comply

That the caller seemed scared, while telling a lie


His toy looked real, his music too loud

He ignored the warning, I just stood my ground


But where are the rest of us supposed to stand

When progress flows backwards like quicksand


We get no answers, but one things for sure

This race problem, in America, might not have a cure 


Because once you watch what they did to him

You wonder about the times it wasn’t caught on film


- can’t breathe

When they said, “We the People”

They didn’t mean me

Cause I don’t see justice 

Or domestic tranquility 


Most of us never did,

That’s what we’re fighting for

Your perfect union, it turns out

is racist to the core


So let’s talk, converse

Come up with a plan

We give and take, negotiate

A solution is at hand


Don’t protect us, or serve us

it’s fine, you’ve done enough

We simply ask, “Don’t Kill Us” 

Will that be too tough?

- amendment


Perhaps you never saw me at all

You saw a girl who seemed enough like you

Not like them


But did you ever imagine my life outside of your gaze?


How I felt before meeting your grandma, who you told me was racist. 

Why I had to follow the rules

Why I had to overachieve

Why sometimes I just got up and left the room

The truth is, you don’t know your one black friend

Not if you've never considered the bag she must hold

The weight of it, her inability to put down

That she has no choice but to fight against injustice

Her life depends on it



If you call me a friend 


But won't publicly denounce racism because you have racist family




You’ve made me meet those husbands

Have dinner with those grandmas

Sit next to those fathers


I didn’t want to do that


- walk a mile

I hope a racist reads this 

and hates me so much

because I'm great

I hope a racist reads this

and the truth hits them in the throat

making it hard to breathe

I hope a racist reads this 

and wonders 

if they’re racist 

Are you?



Racism kills more 

People than covid 19

Where’s my stimulus?


How does a country know when it hits rock bottom?


Will we get a mass text?

Like when an impending storm

threatens to destroy the neighboring town?


Or do we get to vote on it?

Instead of President, we just cast a vote in November

To give up


Then, maybe we can try again

From a more honest place

From a clearer headspace

Looking face to face


One nation. Indivisible. 

With justice 

For all

- the new pledge

Our country is literally and figuratively sick

And some say it’s business as usual

Your silence is deafening

And the prognosis for this country is dire

If you don’t take your medicine


And make sure you finish it all

Swallow every pill

Because as we know

If you don’t finish the prescription 

The virus will survive, multiply, 

And return


- doctor’s orders